HP Mould

High & Precision mould Co., Ltd. is a one stop solution for injection mould design and manufacturing. We work for you and your success. With our rich experience and over the years developed knowledge we are the right partner for your plastic project. Not only our up to date equipment, but also our talented and well trained production team can guarantee the best possible way to satisfy your needs.
We are investing constantly in new machinery and software to meet the requirement of our customers. Trainings for our design or production teams are a must.
HP MOULD makes it easy to communicate; our sales team can speak various languages like, German, English, French and Russian. 95 % of our customers are from foreign countries so we have to establish a certain way of communication to give the customer confidence in our work. Our usually response time on inquiries is 24-48 hours, that means from the moment of your clarified inquiry we respond with our quotation and schedule for mould production within this time. We welcome every customer to visit our factory any time.
We provide you with all information you need. Our Knowledge and expertise are your success. We supply high precisely mould and prototype moulds mostly to Germany, America, Canada, Japan, England and other European countries.

The main branches we are involved in are:

Home appliance


Mission and values

Customer’s Success is our Success;
Professional project control, competitive price, perfect quality and customer’s satisfaction are our principles. Technology improvement is always emphasized, such as permanent developing of design skills, new machinery for more precision manufacturing and to optimize the production processes. We always aim to be the best supplier for injection mold and molding projects, with a perfect service and a competitive price..


High&Precision mould co. Ltd was originally founded as a tool project management company. But after several years of improving and monitoring we decided to make our own mould work shop. Since 2006 we are on the actual business address and manufacture moulds for mostly oversea customers, mainly in Germany, Austria, GB, Spain, France, USA and Canada. As of our communications skills, we can talk to our customers in their native language. Our company grows and so are the needs of the business partners. In 2010 we decided to create a special branch only for Prototypes and Prototype tools and we founded Speed Mould Asia Ltd, which is a great success and leads to an additional factory facility in 2011. At present we have about 4500m2 workspace for about 115 skilled workers, most of them already several years working in our factory. The ability to react on customer inquiries fast and precisely makes us a valuable partner for many industries.


For all communication, whether it concerns sales or engineering, the project team is in charge. This team is the window of the factory for each customer, and arrange everything to assure that your projects are carried out successfully. Our team of engineers is very experienced and ambitious, so they are able to control every step of the project carefully, to provide a professional service and the willingness to improve and implement the customer’s needs. Their rich experience is very important in the project team and helps us to constantly improvement of our work abilities and skills. Every project is discussed in a special meeting where all urgent matters, changes and problems are on the table. H&P Mould works as a team to make your product better. Our efforts in the work are to improve the functionality of tool, shorten the lead time and make communication more effective.


top ranking employees – excellent technics – eximious equipment